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20 May 2019 - FICSA Comm 1 / 19 - Strategic decisions and changes towards reducing membership dues

From:    The FICSA President and FICSA General Secretary on behalf of the FICSA Executive Committee

First, allow us to thank you for your continued support of your Federation. We greatly value your trust and confidence in our abilities to serve your interests in protecting and safeguarding the rights of staff.

Secondly, following up on discussions at the 72nd FICSA Council concerning the 2018 internal review of the FICSA Secretariat and the request to restructure and implement efficient measures to help reduce the annual budget and consequently the membership dues, we would like to update you on the steps that the ExCom has taken during the past months.

Now that the structure and design of the new website has been finalized, we are in the process of migrating the content and essential information to make it easily available and searchable. The new modern content management system will also facilitate registration in workshops, participation in FICSA meetings and the provision of e-learning materials.  

As you well know, to strengthen the Federation’s outreach and communication strategy, a new Information Officer has been recruited to take up his duties during the month of June. His role will include, amongst other responsibilities, to oversee these changes and the launch of our new website.

As soon as we have finalized the digitalization of the Federation’s records and documents, the Secretariat’s operation will become fully electronic. At that stage, we will then be able to consider the FICSA Council’s recommendations relative to streamlining tasks and, increasing the capacity of the secretariat while reducing costs. We believe that this will result in the reduction of membership dues in the long-term.

Be assured that both the Executive Committee and the Secretariat are committed to ensuring excellence in all fields of activities and to efficiently use any resources available to address the membership’s budgetary constraints without impacting negatively on programmatic activities. With a well-functioning logistical system supported by highly motivated staff who share the Federation’s vision, place its interest above all else and use its resources in a responsible manner, together, we will make it happen.

Should you have any questions or ideas for further improvements, please feel free to contact the President (Brett Fitzgerald: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or the General Secretary (Evelyn Kortum: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) at the FICSA Secretariat.

In Solidarity.